what we do

Workplace Culture

By understanding your workplace culture, you can help your company work more efficiently.


  • Does your current work culture align with your company’s vision?
  • Embracing Potential can scan your organisational climate.
  • We will isolate grass roots issues.


  • Embracing Potential can identify limitations of your work place culture.
  • Are these issues obstructing company goals?
  • Are these problems reducing productivity?


  • Embracing Potential will provide effective and tailored solutions.
  • Increase effective communication and increase productivity.


Professional Development

Our professional development programs are developed to help you get the most out of yourself.


  • Learn what drives you;
  • Recognise patterns in your behaviour;
  • Our personal profiling, helps you understand how you think and perform.


  • By knowing yourself, you can improve productivity;
  • A personal profile can help you change behaviours.


  • We will create programs that meet your unique needs;
  • Our professional development is flexible in its approach;
  • We specialise in:
    - Executive coaching;
    - Leadership/supervisory coaching;
    - Career guidance/outplacement;
    - Presentation coaching.




Our leadership programs help you to develop real world strategies and solutions.

  • Find it difficult to find real world applications for training?
  • We provide solutions that are tailored to your requirements;
  • We work closely with you to understand and develop the needs of your leaders and supervisors.


Corporate Communication

Maximise the potential of your company’s conferences and meetings.

  • Tailor effective workshops;
  • Develop communications methods;
  • Engage your audience.